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Menus are updated for the 20-21 School Year!  

We are working hard to keep your child(ren) safe while eating with us. Information on changes will be coming soon.

Menus display meal descriptions, pictures, nutritional information, and allergen identification.

Looking for a yearly menu? We operate using a 3 week cycle menu at the elementary and middle schools. Below are the color coded cycle menus. Please take note that minor changes will not be reflected on this menu. 

Little Millers Preschool    Elementary School   Middle School    High School    LMP & ME Snacks

Students Breakfast Lunch
     Elementary (K-5) $1.35 (.30) $2.10 (.40)
     Middle School (6-8) $1.35 (.30) $2.35 (.40)
     High School (9-12) $1.35 (.30) $2.35 (.40)

Non-Students / Adults /Staff

The government does not subsidized non student meals as it does for student meals. 

$2.00 $3.25
Milk—half pint TBD TBD 

Snacks & Extras Pricing - all snacks/extras meet the USDA Smart Snack Standards


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Meals, foods and beverages sold or served in the school cafeterias meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.