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 It's our goal to provide you with filling and appealing meals. To get the best value for your buck pick any entree (hot or cold) and then choose 1-2 fruit sides, 1-2 veggie sides, and milk. All that for only $2.00!

All foods and snacks sold in the cafeteria must follow the USDA's School Lunch guidelines. These guidelines are in place to help you make healthy choices. Fat, sodium, and calories are just a few things that are required to be monitored. 

Food ordered comes from reputable vendors and cafeteria staff has been trained in proper food safety. In fact, did you know health department inspectors claim school cafeterias are typically the cleanest food establishments to eat in? But, we all know things happen, and if it does... we want to hear from you! Please bring the problematic food to a cafeteria staff for a refund or replacement item. We will then investigate the problem. 


Don't forget to try our new salad bar located in the Campus Cafe!


Questions & Suggestions for the Registered Dietitian - email: nhs_cafe@nobl.k12.in.us

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Menus- subject to change due to the availability of products

What Makes a $2.00 Lunch?